How to Teach Children About the Importance of Savings

Saving money can help build your better future by giving you the liquidity you may need for unexpected expenses, large purchases, etc. Learning about savings early in life can establish an excellent runway for your financial future. So how do you teach children about the importance and fundamentals of saving? Great question. We asked our [...]

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Financial Literacy: The Starting Point for Your Financial Journey

As community bankers, we thrive on discussing our clients' dreams and goals and helping them through the financial journey to achieve them. However, we understand that finances and banking may not be everyday topics for you. Additionally, talking about finances can be difficult, and financial products can be complicated to understand. Financial literacy is defined [...]

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Embracing the Opportunity: Developing Organizational Resilience

Consider the saying, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," those that confront challenges emerge stronger. While facing uncertainty and adversity in 2020, our team built organizational and personal resiliency by pivoting, re-prioritizing, and getting creative throughout the tension. Resilience means staying strong for difficult moments while planning for better times in the future. In [...]

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Can You Hear Me? The Age of Video Meetings

Who knew that 2020 would be the year that Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other video conferencing technologies would become as popular as food delivery services and Uber? Video conferencing has changed the way many are doing business. Even as a financial institution, we embraced video conferencing technology for meeting with our clients and partners, instead [...]

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Guarding Your Account Against Business Bandits

Your business is your livelihood, your second home – and you protect it as such. But have you protected your accounts appropriately to protect against fraud? According to the American Banking Association’s (ABA) 2019 Deposit Account Fraud Survey, banks prevented over $22 billion in attempted fraud in 2018 – preventing nearly $9 of every $10 [...]

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Minnesota Nice: National Nonprofit Day

The colloquial saying “Minnesota Nice” is often used to describe the behavior of Minnesota residents as being overly courteous and friendly. As we’ve traversed the uncharted waters that 2020 has unfolded, “Minnesota Nice” could be used to describe Minnesotan’s dedication to community support and giving, as the most charitable state in America. Nonprofits play a [...]

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Increase Income and Reduce Risk: Rethinking Your Certificates of Deposit Strategy

While fixed income investing can offer the investor less risk than stocks and provide a steady stream of interest income, many individual depositors do not have the resources to experience the same benefits as market professionals. However, by using certificates of deposit (CDs) individual depositors can achieve benefits similar to those from a professionally managed [...]

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Awareness in Successful Leadership

Similar to what I shared in my last post, awareness in leadership is critical. As a leader, many of us have learned and been taught to build our teams to add expertise. What I have found to be equally important is evaluating team members’ strengths and weaknesses to fill-in and balance ourselves and the team [...]

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