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B Generous

Donate Now, Pay LaterTM

B Generous gives people the financial freedom to donate to nonprofits so that nonprofits can achieve their mission. Donors give now, pay later – while nonprofits receive the donation from the donor upfront, donors can pay over time without stressing their bank account. Additionally, donors receive their full tax deduction right away, with no fees, interest, or hidden costs.


B Generous is focused on using technology for good. By ensuring fair and transparent experiences for both donors and nonprofits,
B Generous works to give everyone the dignity of being about to support philanthropic organizations.

Drake Bank’s partnership with B Generous is focused on using financial technology and tools to build better futures and allow individuals and nonprofits to achieve more together.

How does Donate Now, Pay LaterTM work?

For Nonprofits

Receiving more donations has never been easier

For Donors

Donate without stressing your wallet


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