Drake Bank Old Building

Our Shared Core Values

Dedicated devoted to a task or purpose; having single-minded loyalty or integrity.
Reliable consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted.
Authentic of undisputed origin; genuine.
Knowledgeable facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.
Ethical relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these.

Our Mission

We are dedicated financial professionals working together with our clients and our community to discover, earn and build a better future.

Our Story

Drake Bank is a community bank focused on helping small businesses in the Twin City area grow and prosper. We do this by listening to needs and dreams, then applying our full range of commercial loan and deposit products to their greatest potential. We strive to build very personal, trusting and long-lasting relationships.

Of course, we also provide the best in personal banking services to our business clients, their employees, and our neighbors. We play a meaningful role in the development of our communities.

Drake Bank opened for business in May 2002, and was the first new bank to be chartered in St. Paul in 40 years. The idea for the new bank rose from a group of local investors and bankers who recognized that a void in personal service and local support had developed. They saw that the power of connections between bankers, businesses, employees, and other local resources was not being leveraged.

The home for the new bank was found in the extensively renovated Drake Building, once the home of the Drake Marble and Tile Company. For over 100 years Drake Marble was a supplier of materials for buildings, coast-to- coast, including the Minnesota State Capitol. Today, the four-story Drake building has an atrium where the sun lights up the internal entrance to Drake Bank and highlights the original massive columns and brick walls. It’s a unique setting for a unique bank.


Your plans, your goals and your needs make you unique. We are positive thinkers with the resources and authority to make things happen.

That makes us both unique!



Honesty in banking is not negotiable. We do not sell our personal accounts. They sell themselves.

Simple. Convenient. Reliable. Talk with a banker today.



Buying a home can be overwhelming. So much to absorb! Let Drake Bank put you at ease.

Personal guidance. The right options. Even a hint of peace!