Today I had on Dominic Kalms, a 3-time venture-backed entrepreneur and philanthropist.

He has raised over $120M in venture and philanthropic capital during his career and has been featured in an array of media publications such as NBC, Forbes, CBS, Entrepreneur, BBC, Yahoo and more!

He was most recently profiled on the front page of, as well as in the Goldman Sachs Philanthropy web series.

Dominic’s no joke, fam!

He is the founder and previous CEO of the popular online platform GVNG which Forbes called “One of the most revolutionary platforms in the social impact space today.”

Today, Dominic is CEO of a new venture-backed FinTech company B Generous, which is revolutionizing how people donate to nonprofits through the advent of the first-ever philanthropic credit product. Think donate today, pay tomorrow. Essentially the Shopify of Philanthropy.