Consider the saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” those that confront challenges emerge stronger.

While facing uncertainty and adversity in 2020, our team built organizational and personal resiliency by pivoting, re-prioritizing, and getting creative throughout the tension. Resilience means staying strong for difficult moments while planning for better times in the future. In our experience, it was a delicate balance of reacting but no over-reacting while staying calm, being patient, and continuing to move forward in areas you can.

“Resilience is a reactive state of mind created by exposure to suffering.” -Harvard Business Review

As we continue to build on our organizational and personal resiliency, now in 2021, our team is focused on:

  • Adjusting the mindset to own the truth of the present and embrace the challenges as opportunities
  • Researching and preparing to understand the present facts, not speculations or fears, as a basis for active decision-making
  • Thinking big for the future
  • Becoming more inclusive and transparent by giving and receiving power
  • Accepting that plans don’t always work – live, learn, and adapt
  • Embracing a willingness to pivot quickly and decisively
  • Continually developing a robust social network
  • Nurturing a positive mindset
  • Staying laser-focused on target markets
  • Creating and cultivating reliable, repeatable, and sustainable business segments to focus and produce consistent results
  • Setting goals on simple, measurable metrics and results
  • Ensuring team members see their part in the strategic vision and plan
  • Taking time to laugh, share simple joys, and celebrate

While none of these focuses are novel or revolutionary, they set guardrails for our growing enterprise despite changing conditions we cannot control. Focus and attention amid unprecedented conditions create an opportunity for amplification. We are seizing and embracing the opportunity.

How are you embracing the opportunity created by 2020?