About Drake Bank

At Drake Bank, people come first.

We have a passionate banking team focused on building authentic relationships and building a better future for our communities. When you partner with Drake Bank, our team listens to your unique needs and dreams and works to customize solutions, services, and products that are fit just for you.

It is our belief at Drake Bank that when businesses thrive, the community thrives. That’s why we are dedicated to building a better future for our neighborhood and the local business community.

Our Mission

Building a Better Future

The essence of our mission at Drake Bank is to build a better future for everyone: it’s why we come to work every day; it gives our team purpose. Our formal definition of build a better future means planning and working in a meaningful, effective, and productive manner now, to improve a stakeholder’s opportunity for financial success in a period of time to come.

Here’s how some of our team members see and live our mission:

Our History

Filling the Void of Personalized Service

Drake Bank opened for business in May 2002 and was the first new bank chartered in St. Paul in 40 years. Local investors and bankers founded the bank after recognizing a void of personal service and local support that had developed in the industry; and were driven to help others succeed for the shared prosperity of the community.

Drake Bank’s home is in the extensively renovated Drake Building, once the home of the Drake Marble and Tile Company. For over 100 years, Drake Marble was a supplier of materials for buildings, coast-to-coast, including the Minnesota State Capitol. Today, the four-story Drake building has an atrium where the sun lights up the entrance to Drake Bank and highlights the original massive columns and brick walls, a unique setting for a unique bank.

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