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How to Teach Children About the Importance of Savings

Saving money can help build your better future by giving you the liquidity you may need for unexpected expenses, large purchases, etc. Learning about savings early in life can establish an excellent runway for your financial future. So how do you teach children about the importance and fundamentals of saving? Great question. We asked our [...]

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Community Banks Played Outsized Role in PPP

As Jelena McWilliams, FDIC Chairperson, stated in a recent FDIC Podcast, "Supporting small businesses is one of the key roles that community banks play in our financial system. The overwhelming majority of community banks focus their commercial and industrial lending on small businesses…These attributes, as well as strong ties to their communities and borrowers, likely [...]

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Minnesota Nice: National Nonprofit Day

The colloquial saying “Minnesota Nice” is often used to describe the behavior of Minnesota residents as being overly courteous and friendly. As we’ve traversed the uncharted waters that 2020 has unfolded, “Minnesota Nice” could be used to describe Minnesotan’s dedication to community support and giving, as the most charitable state in America. Nonprofits play a [...]

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When There is a Need: Drake COVID-19 Relief Fund

While small businesses are known to be the backbone of the economy, community banks build local communities by reinvesting local dollars back into the community to help create local jobs. And when there is a need, community banks often find ways to help support the community and local neighbors. “Our business, as a community bank, [...]

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