The colloquial saying “Minnesota Nice” is often used to describe the behavior of Minnesota residents as being overly courteous and friendly. As we’ve traversed the uncharted waters that 2020 has unfolded, “Minnesota Nice” could be used to describe Minnesotan’s dedication to community support and giving, as the most charitable state in America.

Nonprofits play a vital role in our communities; in Minnesota, there are over 9,1000 nonprofits, which make up 13.3% of Minnesota’s total workforce, according to the 2018 Minnesota Nonprofit Economy Report. Nonprofits are essential for a thriving and vibrant community and provide services from meeting people’s basic needs, and ensuring arts are accessible to everyone, to raising money to cure diseases. National Nonprofit Day is a good reminder of how the nonprofit sector operates to keep our communities going and growing.

Without the “Minnesota Nice” factor, nonprofits are not able to fully support communities in need. During difficult economic times, funding gets cut and causes nonprofits to make hard decisions on what they can and cannot do with the resources they are provided. Like other sectors, nonprofits have been significantly impacted due to COVID-19 – losing $1 billion of income in April 2020 alone, as projected by Minnesota Council of Nonprofits in the Minnesota Nonprofit Economy Report, COVID-19 Impact Update.

However, when the entire community comes together with other sources of support and funding, nonprofits can do more. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Minnesota has come together to support our neighbors and nonprofit community: Ways Minnesotans Can Help Others During the Pandemic.

If you are looking to step up and fill your “Minnesota Nice” shoes, look at donating funds and time. While COVID-19 has changed some ways that individuals can volunteer, the time is still needed. Volunteering can be a great way to connect with an organization that has a meaningful mission to you. Donations are also critical for nonprofits as they continue their services and mission.

If you don’t currently support nonprofits, you can browse a list of Minnesota nonprofits to find one that is meaningful for you.

Let’s carry on the “Minnesota Nice” way, together. Happy National Nonprofit day, and thank you to all the nonprofits and staff that work to help our community thrive.


By: Jamie Nabozny, Director of Consumer Financial Services and Civic Banking, Drake Bank